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Ingénieur (niveau M2)

Risques et Sécurité Industriels

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PERDRIX Esperanza
LCA process filtrations

Pedagogic informations

Training objectives
This course has two parts: the first is to complete the course of " Separation Process ", since the previous year, the study of mechanical separation processes , such as filtration. The second part deals with " Clean Processes ". The objective of the first part of the course is to understand the importance of mechanical separation processes for treating and preventing pollution associated with industrial activities, including how to choose and design a pre- filtering operation . The objective of the second part of the course is to understand the concept of " Clean Process " and know the different ways of action depending on the scale considered . The following skills are covered :
- Understand and know how to use theoretical concepts of mass transfer in porous media.
- Understand and know how to choose the transfer operations of mechanical matters, including
- Become familiar with the different technologies to implement filtering.
- Understand and know how to use theoretical concepts of filtration media.
- Know pre-size a filtration filter press .
- Understand the concept of Clean Process
- Know the different scales of action for the prevention of pollution
- Understand and know examples of Industrial Ecology
- Understand and know examples of Life Cycle Analysis
- Know the main courses of action across the process .

Learning objectives

Learning context

Course materials

Separation Process

Course content
Contents: 1 . Transfer of mechanical material : the case of solid - liquid filtration .
Different filtration ( filtration in the mass , filtration media )
General diagram of a filtering operation
Classification of industrial filters
Flow through a porous medium
Notions of loss, loss of hydraulic load, specific surface area, porosity , permeability,
bulk density and intrinsic density

Exercise 1: flow of groundwater
Exercise 2 : clarification of water on a bed of sand, Application filtration media at constant pressure.
Exercise 3: filtration filter press

2 . clean Processes
Own notion of process
Different levels of action
Industrial ecology
Valuation - material, industrial metabolism
The principles of Life Cycle Analysis
Different types of actions throughout the process
Project (in English) : Study of a Life Cycle Analysis ( from an article in the "Journal of
Cleaner Production " )

Personal work

Label (French) Label (English)
Procédés Propres Clean Processes

Exam description
Exam for "filtering" part.
Project group (2-4 students, according to the promotion size) for the "Clean Processes", which focuses on understanding, analysis and synthesis of a scientific article (in English) dealing with a LCA

Exam structure
Exam / 0.5 ECTS / S1,S2,P1,P2,P7,P9
Project / 1.5 ECTS / S1,S2,P1,P2,P7,P9