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Energétique des machines 2

General informations


Ingénieur (niveau M2)

Génie Energétique

Sciences fondamentales de l'énergétique






thermodynamic cycles, volumetric compressors, steam turbines, gas turbines, combined cycles

Pedagogic informations

Training objectives
The course is dedicated to energy transfer in machines using compressible fluids. The main studied machines are volumetric compressors, steam and gas (or combustion) turbines. For each machine, technology elements and thermodynamic evolutions are presented. For gas and steam turbines, the course explains the thermodynamic cycles associated with energy production facilities, including its components. Students will be able to calculate the features and efficiencies of relatively simple installations and have knowledge and the method for evaluating the performances of more complex energy facilities.

Learning objectives
- Select and size a volumetric compressor for a specific application of compressed gaz
- Read and use a Mollier diagram
- Calculate and analyze a plant including a steam turbine, a gas turbine, or a combined cycle plant
- Calculate the efficiency of an installation
- They will also acquire knowledge of technology and vocabulary concerning the different machines and cycles seen during the courses. Students will have a first view on the use of an analytical and thermodynamic cycles calculations software (Thermoptim).

Learning context
This course complements the course "Energy production/conversion 1" (Majeure Energétique) that focuses on incompressible fluid machines such as pumps or fans. The course uses the basics of compressible fluids flow seen in the Dynamics of real fluids course and is a prerequisite for the course "An Introduction to Pinch Analysis & Process Integration".

Course materials
Handout (260 pages) including courses and exercises
Online material:
- Main course elements including specific animations or videos, for example on different machines or cycles
- Exercise fully corrected and explained by sonorised media

Thermodynamics Basis: first and second laws, enthalpy, entropy
Basics of compressible flows: Barré Saint Venant relation

Course content
Thermodynamics Reminders
Volumetric compressors: reciprocating compressors, rotary, stage compression, real gas compression
Steam and gas Turbines : classification and technologies, thermodynamics transformation in a turbine, gas, steam turbine cycles, combined cycle gas-steam

Personal work
At the beginning of each course, students will be able to summarize the main ideas of the previous courses.
Personal work on the course materials online and also with the handout.
Personal work on exercises from the elements given in the handout, but also with the media available online.

Label (French) Label (English)
Energétique des machines 2 Applied thermodynamics and machinery

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