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General informations


Ingénieur (niveau M2)

Conception et dimensionnement des structures

Conception et modélisation de produits






Functional analysis; Pre-design; Choice of materials; Finite Elements; Computer aided design; geometric, volume, surface modeling.

Pedagogic informations

Training objectives
This teaching is devoted to the placing of the student in context: Realization of a project design with high mechanical orientation.
It aims to expose students to the constraints of Computer Aided Mechanical Design and get them to implement and combine their skills in CAD , Pre-design, finite elements, materials, solid mechanics, for a fabrication.

Learning objectives

Learning context

Course materials

Catia V5 knowledge
mechanical design
Office study skills
finite element method

Course content
The course is organized in project sessions supervised by teachers of different disciplines in a project to build context.
Phase 1): Conduct a functional analysis in order to provide a relevant solution in agreement with the proposed subject.
During this phase, the students organized in small teams (2-3 students) are encouraged to exploit their achievements, and to assess the limits of their skills they will complete as necessary to best meet the proposed subject.
Phase 2): Development of a technical solution
Development of a technical solution, in agreement with the functional analysis, the latter incorporates design stages, choice of materials, use of CAD design software and digital design (CATIA), finite element (ABAQUS) to to provide the most complete as possible concrete solution
Through the sessions are asked teams to propose an organization and effective planning and a stain distribution management.

Personal work

Label (French) Label (English)
CAO 4A Computer Aided Design

Exam description
Along the project monitoring form (continuous monitoring)
Assessment of the proposed solutions, and the quality of the recovered file

Exam structure
Number of credits : 4