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Matériaux métalliques

General informations


Ingénieur (niveau M1)

Ingénierie Mécanique







metallic materials, cast iron, alloy,aluminium,heat treatment,steel structure

Pedagogic informations

Training objectives
The aim of this course is to give an expertise in the field of metallic materials in order to be able to make the choice of a suitable material and its heat treatment.

Learning objectives
At the end of the course the student should be able to make the appropriate choice of a metallic material and its heat treatment. Furthermore, it must be able to establish a link between the microstructural evolution induced by thermomechanical treatments and the overall mechanical behavior of the alloy.

Examples of application to the fields of transport and energy are considered. The course covers the ferrous materials (steel, cast iron) and the influence of heat and surface treatments. The introduction to aluminum alloys, titanium and magnesium broadens the concepts herein to other families of materials used in mechanical engineering.

Learning context

Course materials
Handout from the illustrations of the lessons.

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Thermodynamics (understanding of equilibrium diagrams and phase thermochemistry), mechanical concepts

Course content
1) use of materials in the transport sector (automotive, aerospace) and Energy
2) Mechanical Testing & Metallurgical characterization
3) microstructural mechanisms influencing the mechanical properties (solid solution, dislocations, grain size ...)
4) Preparation of steel, formatting, normalization
5) Heat treatments
6) Cast irons
7) Stainless steels
8) The aluminum alloys
9) other light alloys

Personal work

Label (French) Label (English)
Matériaux métalliques Metalworking industry

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