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Contrôle non destructif

General informations


Ingénieur (niveau M1)

Ingénierie Mécanique







Non destructive controls, ultrasonic sensor, Radiography, Acoustic Emission

Pedagogic informations

Training objectives
The main objective of this course is to give students the basics of the option to introduce the methods of non-destructive controls commonly used in industry: Ultrasound, radiography, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle. The Assessment Not Destuctive of materials that can be traced back to the intrinsic properties of materials is also mentioned.

Learning objectives
The NDT (non destructives technics) methods are more and more used in the aviation industry, stamping (case of ESP). They are often required because of existing rules (CODAP, ASME, etc.). It 's important for students of the Major Mechanical Engineering to know these different methods to ensure the reliability and durability of mechanical parts without dextroying the parts.

Learning context

Course materials
Handouts (Control Ultrasonic, Industrial Radiography, Acoustic Emission)
Powerpoint presentation of all methods

- Elasticity in isotropic materials
- Magnetism
- Electromagnetic waves

Course content
The course presents the global and located checking procedures:
Global methods which allow the control in the volume of the part:
- The ultrasonic control
- The Industrial radiography
Methods located which allow the control of the part on its surface :
- The ressuage
- The magnétoscopie
The acoustic emission ( EA) is also presented, it is not a checking procedure in itself, because she does not allow to reveal the presence of a defect, but to follow her evolution in the case of a structure in functioning.

There are two practical classes associated to these lessons :
- Ultrasonic Control: application in the soldering (PT CND1)
- Determination of the elastic constants from ultrasonic measures of speed of propagation (PT CND2)

A session of tutorial class at the end of the course allows to see again the essential notions, for the preparation of the exam.

Personal work

Label (French) Label (English)
Contrôle non destructif Non-destructive testing

Exam description
1 written exam (exercises)
2 Practicestranings :
ultrasonic Control of a cordon of weld

Determination of stresses E : young modulus and Poisson ratio by US method

Exam structure
N umber of credits : 2